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Expand the reach of your channel 

Having your own TV channel has never been easier. Make your way into the FAST TV industry without having to worry about the technical infrastructure.

Concentrate on what matters the most—your content—and let us deal with the rest. 

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The App

Lure your audience!

Thanks to our technology, a broader audience can be reached. In the past this was only possible for big media. We will help you distribute your channels via the most important TV streaming platforms thus ensuring your content will reach millions of viewers in several markets all over the world.

Connected to millions of viewers


The technology used by The Channel Store is approved by the main streaming platforms thus making it easier for millions of connected TVs to have access to your content. 

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Start monetizing content 

How would you feel about an increase in audience reflecting an actual increase in earnings? Just say the word! Our team is one of the most experienced when it comes to streaming monetization. We also work with the best possible tools available at a global scale. 

Monetizing your content via TCS Ad Network—lineal or VOD—is a simple and clear process. 


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