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Your channel can reach millions of people at home  

The Channel Store, experts in new generation FAST 2.0 channels, is the solution for creating, distributing, and monetizing FAST channels (Free ad-supported TV) and AVOD.
Join the business now and reach millions of viewers! 


Everything in one place

Creating your channel

Seamlessly create a TV channel using your video content. 

Distributing it

We will upload your content to the platforms so it can reach millions of connected TVs. 

Monetizing it

Thanks to our ad infrastructure, earning money has never been easier.

The App

Connected to millions of viewers

In roadmap*

The technology used by The Channel Store is approved by the main streaming platforms thus making it easier for millions of connected TVs to have access to your content. 

About Us

This should ease the way! 

By using the simple interface of The Channel Store and its tools you will be able to create and maintain a FAST channel. It is a quick and straightforward process. Our team will be working with you and offering support at all times.  


Choose your content 


Upload it to the cloud 


Create your programming 


Your channel is uploaded into the platforms


Start earning money through ads 

We’ve got you covered 

The Channel Store offers tools to efficiently monetize your content.


Ad revenue optimization 

Campaign management 

Ad partners network 

Ad partners network 

We take care of the user experience with advertising

Multi adserver compatibility 

About Us

Reach an audience of millions of viewers!


Content Partners

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