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The Channel Store, celebrating a successful year

Updated: Apr 29

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Since its inception, The Channel Store has set a standard of excellence in the European FAST/AVOD landscape. With one full year gone since its launch, it is time to celebrate the achievements and reflect on the significant impact it has had on the digital entertainment industry.

Consolidation in the European landscape

The Channel Store has established itself as a benchmark in the FAST/AVOD arena in Europe. With 25 FAST channels produced and distributed, including recognized brands such as LaLiga, Pocoyó, El País, Reportages Spica Life and Scene de Crime, therefore demonstrating the ability to offer diverse and quality content for a varied audience.

That's not all, as this success has been reflected in the ability to monetize content. With 100 FAST channels in the process of monetization, the platform has proven its appeal to both viewers and advertisers. This continued growth in monetization is a testament to the value it offers to everyone involved in the FAST/AVOD ecosystem.

Expanded reach and new channels

Over the past year, The Channel Store has continued to expand its reach with the launch of new channels, thereby broadening its catalog and offering even more entertainment options to its audience. This commitment to innovation and content diversity is critical to staying relevant in a constantly evolving marketplace.

In addition, with more than 150 million ad requests handled each month by the TCS Advertising Network, the platform has proven its ability to efficiently and effectively manage advertising on its platform. This not only benefits advertisers by providing access to a highly engaged audience, but also enhances the user experience by ensuring relevant and non-intrusive advertising.

Over the past year, The Channel Store has been present at 20 major industry events, where it has had the opportunity to share its expertise, make connections and keep abreast of the latest trends and developments in the FAST/AVOD world. This active participation in the community is critical to continue driving innovation and growth in the industry.

Innovation and key awards

The TCS team collecting the Dolby 2023 award.

The Channel Store's innovative work has been recognized with three nominations for the Innovation in Content and Video Technology Awards. These nominations are a testament to the platform's commitment to excellence and creativity in the delivery of cutting-edge content and technology.

Key steps: launch of TCS Editor and TCS Central

In addition, The Channel Store has launched two key tools: TCS Editor for playout management and TCS Central for data management. These tools provide creators and distributors with the necessary tools to optimize their operations and improve efficiency in content delivery.

In summary, The Channel Store's first year has been a testament to its success and growth in the European FAST/AVOD scene. With a wide range of content, a solid monetization strategy, a commitment to innovation and advanced tools to support its operations, the platform is well positioned to continue leading the way in the exciting world of digital entertainment.

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