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Introducing our new channel on Tivify and other platforms: Flamenco Auditorio

Updated: Apr 29

The new FLAMENCO AUDITORIO channel within the TIVIFY platform, for all flamenco lovers.

The vibrant essence of flamenco, an art that transcends borders and emotions, has found a new home in the digital world thanks to the launch of the Flamenco Auditorio channel. With a passionate dedication to broadcasting premium cultural and artistic content, we are proud to announce this exciting addition to Tivify's offering. 

A window into the soul of flamenco 

Flamenco Auditorio is much more than just a channel; it is a

window into the very essence of flamenco. From the most emblematic stages to the most intimate corners where the art is born, this channel is committed to capturing the passion and emotion that characterize this unique form of expression. Flamenco Auditorio offers an unparalleled experience for art and culture lovers, with a wide range of content including live performances, exclusive documentaries and flamenco festivals.  

Celebrating cultural diversity 

In an increasingly interconnected world, Flamenco Auditorio seeks not only to celebrate the rich tradition of flamenco in Spain, but also to highlight its global influence and its ability to unite people from different cultures and traditions. This channel thus becomes a bridge between the past and the present, between the local and the global, promoting understanding and appreciation of cultural diversity through art. 

A special thank you 

From TCS we express our deep appreciation to Germán, the visionary owner of the channel, whose commitment and vision have been instrumental in making this exciting project a reality. His passion for flamenco and his dedication to spreading its beauty and depth are truly inspiring. 



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