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Leading Spanish newspaper EL PAIS begins live broadcasts on its FAST channel with technology from Th

The Channel Store boosts media groups ́ reach by being the first to combine live and recorded programming on native FAST channels

Madrid, 28th of May, 2023 – Leading Spanish-language news group, EL PAIS, continues to strengthen the distribution of content on its FAST (Free Ad-Supported TV) channel and has just begun broadcasting live programs on its signal. Coinciding with regional and local elections on May 28, and thanks to innovative technology from The Channel Store, the PRISA Group channel is broadcasting daily live news programs with coverage of the elections.

The Channel Store, a leading tech company in the creation, distribution and monetization of FAST and AVOD format channels has worked closely with EL PAIS to create and distribute its TV channel on Tivify, Samsung TV Plus, LG Channels and Xiaomi Mi TV+ platforms since October 2022. The constant innovation offered by The Channel Store team has allowed EL PAIS to expand its reach to new audiences by offering live content with an optimal and instant viewing experience across streaming platforms.

The launch of FAST channels is revolutionizing the media landscape by offering new distribution windows to content owners and allowing them access to TV with a minimum investment. And now The Channel Store has set a milestone by including for the first time, in a native FAST channel, the ability to insert live signals into the programming grid in real time. In this sense, the FAST format should be seen as an environment increasingly closer to traditional TV production.

"We are delighted to work closely with EL PAIS, a media group that continues to innovate, now with the launch of live broadcasts for the May 28th elections on its TV channel present in Tivify and other FAST platforms," says Fernando García Calvo, CEO of The Channel Store.

“Technology and an excellent collaboration with The Channel Store now allows El PAIS to offer news content highly valued by our audience in a linear TV channel format and viewing experience. This extends the current reach of our web and social networks and adapts to new content consumption habits," adds Carlos de Vega, deputy director of information at Prisa Vídeo and director of the Ruta 28M electoral program on the El País channel.

Live broadcasts on EL PAIS TV channel mark a significant milestone in the evolution of media outlets that now allows them to launch their own TV channels at a very low cost and to generate new revenues. It also underlines the importance of collaboration between traditional media and disruptive technological solutions that open up new business possibilities for content owners.

More on EL PAIS EL PAIS is the leading Spanish-language news media. A benchmark for information, independence and innovation, the newspaper employs more than 400 professionals in its editorial offices in Madrid, Barcelona, Mexico City and Bogota, as well as in its extensive network of offices and bureaus. The newspaper, founded in 1976, is constantly renewing itself in order to adapt to its readers. Today, EL PAIS can be read, seen and heard in multiple formats, from text to video, audio, social networks and interactive infographics. In March 2020, EL PAIS activated its digital subscription model. Three years later and in record time, it has more than 250,000 subscribers. Its global audience reaches 74.8 million unique users and 324 million page views per month. In the audiovisual area, the result of the newspaper's firm commitment to innovation translates into 2 million audio downloads and 26 million monthly video views.

More on The Channel Store The Channel Store, part of TVUp Streaming Media, offers streaming solutions, content protection, FAST channel creation/distribution, AVOD services and monetization to content owners whether they be creators, video platforms, telecom operators, advertisers or agencies, among others. Headquartered in Spain, The Channel Store is a global company that launches FAST channels in Europe, Latin America and the United States. Strategically positioned at the intersection of content and television, digital advertising and video platforms, it is continuously developing new content offerings, integrating new platforms and expanding into all markets where FAST and AVOD channels are taking off. For more information visit

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